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    what uppa!

    Word peeps, just jumped on and decided to hang out. main focus will be carding, but leaning towards grey hat/ethical. Well, hang safe and stay frosty
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    Xenia Diamond. Xenia Mio

    Xenia.Diamond / Ксения Мио Что-нибудь для этой девушки? Я знаю, что ее снимали фотографы только на фанатах и на патреоне? Мне очень нужны ее обнаженные фото. Есть что-нибудь на эту красотку? Снималась для PLayboy . Instagram - Playboy -...
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    Hi guys
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    Hi all

    Hello everyone, I joined this forum a while ago but am just now getting around to being active. I look forward to working with you all.
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    New guys

    Salut je suis nouveau j’espère je vais bien aimer en tout cas thaks
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    new to the community

    havent been active for awhile and looking for a new place and here i am.. been in the carding scene and also a vendor ... hopefully ill stick around =)
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    I'm new as the day is old.
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    New bro

    Hi I'm new around, it's nice to be here. Enjoy
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    I am new

    I need times to fully understand this site, i just listen something about this site from my friend. After visiting i am very happy to see all awesome threads. Thanks
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    hey im new

    hey im new user, if there's anything i should know just tell me
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    REQUEST How can i get 4 credit

    Please anyone can help me 🙄🙁🙁🙁😕😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
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    jstash.bazar is down??

    jstash.bazar is down??
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    whats up boys

    I'm new to these parts and I'm looking to meet some cool folks and learn some slick tricks. Get at me. I'll be aroundd