new comer

  1. B


    Im new here
  2. whoiswho


    hi, i'm new
  3. R


    hello there im new and shit hope to learn loads thx for having me
  4. R

    hello print

    hello print fello
  5. Zone Carder007

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  6. M

    Hello friends

    i am new to this site and its looking good so far
  7. I

    New here

    Hi I'm new :) Enjoy ur day
  8. M

    welcome and thank you

    hey fellow squad members, I am new here. i am a designer and writer. Just came across this gold mine of a site. Thanks to you guys for making an amazing place to learn new things. regards.
  9. G

    Hi everyone

    so I’m very new to this but need help. How can I find carding or make money quick. need To pay rent and the worlds a mess can’t find work nothing. Even the state is taking forever on help. Also how do I easrn credits. Or buy them. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone. Happy holidays.
  10. S


    Hello! There's a learning curve here with credits and such, but glad to be here. -S
  11. A


    hello earthlings, im new to the forum, looking for a new place to be my new home
  12. D


    Hello im new
  13. D

    New here

    Hay folks I'm new here, got some content to post, hopefully not seen before
  14. I

    New comer

    Hii?‍♂️ Everyone. How are you.? I am new to here
  15. Z

    I’m new

    Hello Im new here, this is a pretty dope website
  16. F

    Hello squad!

    HellO! I stumbled upon this site/forum when i was horny and looking for OF leaks :D Wonder how many others did the same?? Looks like this forum is so much more tho! Ill have to check out other parts too!
  17. C

    new here

    can someone teach me to hack facebook? i will pay!!!
  18. V

    Brand New

    Hello I'm new around here so I could use some tips
  19. D

    New member

    Hello, used to do a lot of cracking, but haven't done it in years. I still have all my old tools and passfiles. I always like learn new things so I hope to find some interest things here!
  20. M

    New member here long time cracker

    Great place look forward to share and gain from this site and the awesome community within.