1. spurious13

    A quick thought, just an idea

    Is it possible to make (or) send malware using QR code? asking for educational purpose. p.s: I haven't made any research yet, just posted as soon as I thought of it
  2. thevampire

    TUT How Hackers create Undetectable Malwares and Viruses

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  3. V

    Fully Undetectable Malware Dropper 100%

    This is a fully undetectable program that drops malware on the victim it can be a RAT payload etc.. Needs admin previliges to run.
  4. 0

    REQUEST Writing a Malware with Rust Programming learning materials, video series, books etc..

    I searched entire internet for writing malware with rust programming, but found nothing, Now I ask guys, i need all kinds of resources and ideas from you to start this business. Learn something rust dark world, rust win api programming etc... Thanks in advance
  5. mars.corp

    [malware undetected] Themida.rar *software video:
  6. V

    TOOLS [FREE] Discord RAT Malware Builder Bot

    This discord bot builds a malware you can spread. once a victim runs the malware, their infos will be sent to your Discord server channel. Feel free to add this bot on your server I am the creator and...
  7. S

    ?Android Malware Analysis – From Zero to Hero – Udemy Coupon?

    ?All in one course on Android Malware Analysis What you'll learn Perform static malware analysis Perform dynamic malware analysis Detect malicious and data exfiltration code Reverse engineer APKs Understand Android security architecture Understand Android attack surface This course includes...
  8. cipherthehacker

    Advance malware writing using C

    Like to reveal the content! And also join our telegram channel: Hidden content
  9. imdjhacker

    Malware Reverse Engineering

    What Is Malware Reverse Engineering? Reverse engineering malware is the process of taking a captured executable (a stand-alone executable or a library file, such as a DLL) and doing the computer equivalent of an MRI. … You can exploit test conditions that may have been designed to make the...
  10. S

    ?Build Undetectable Malware Using C Language: Ethical Hacking?

    ?In This Advance Ethical Hacking Course You Will Learn How To Create Your Own Penetration Testing Tool With C Programming This course includes 3 hours on-demand video 1 article 6 downloadable resources Full lifetime access Access on mobile and TV Certificate of Completion What you'll learn...
  11. 1

    Malware Analysis books

    Practical Malware Analysis Hidden content The Art of Memory Forensics Hidden content Malware Analyst's Cookbook Hidden content As I search for new books, I will collect the best and fill up the list in this thread
  12. baban rao

    TUT MALWARE | How to make a trojan virus vedio tuts

    How to make a trojan virus tuts:D Hidden content
  13. C


    Hi Guys, Today I'm sharing PETYA RANSOMWARE. Sorry that source code is not available but this is working RANSOMWARE. Try at your own risk-=Stripped Content=- I tried it in Virtual Machine and it is working properly.!jNRUgATI!XNl-xweDd4k1TGFw2W6zBcKSNsxdvH1yEVoeFaN9Ers