1. C

    List of the Basic Commands in Termux

    Grant Storage Permission: ? termux-setup-storage this enables you to view and edit storage files from termux Update all Packages and Dependencies : ? apt update It updates all packages and dependencies to latest version Upgrade all packages and dependencies : ? apt upgrade Print the...
  2. nokadix

    TOOLS High Quality Certified Ethical Hackers Volume 10 Tools Download

    Here is The Download Link For ceh v10 tools Hidden content
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    TOOLS large list of textbooks and tools for penetration testing

    Awesome Web Security Hidden content Awesome Hacking Tools Hidden content[/HIDEREPLY]
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    [HQ] List maker Multi-Use By: PROXHACKER

    U can use that in what ever you want it can create 1mil list per minute what you want before and after the word is customizable -- Hidden content