1. Z


    Hi, guys. I'm new here and i hope i can learn with guys and, of course, be helpful in some way
  2. A

    Sample thread

    Sample thread First thread on FS Squad. Nice!
  3. M

    First thread

  4. K


  5. K

    kryton is here

    Hey all. New to the site. Trying to figure out how everything works
  6. S


    Hi to everyone i'm new here!
  7. K

    New members

    Hello everyone Hope to find good schemes and stuffs here
  8. B

    Hi there

    Just a guy that wants to contribute
  9. K

    TUT My intro

  10. A

    Introduction To Forum

    Hello from someone new here. I am determined to to reach locked content. Not yet sure how to get started properly. If anyone has pointers for a new guy, would be appreciated.
  11. J

    Hello here

    Hi am new here.. Witt intention you learn d share
  12. pr3torian

    Hi every1

    Hello I am Pr3torian i'm here to learn new techniques: abt carding, hacking etc. Im almost 10 years active in this biz nice to meet you all regards
  13. B

    Great place

    hey this place is looking great hope i made some friends
  14. P

    Looks promising!

    Whats up all! I am porroo and i am interested all kind of stuff related to spamming.. I also gonna leak here accounts and all kind of stuff in future! Tell me what things are you interested? Wanna help me going on with spam?
  15. P


    i am new to this could any one guide me to be a pro
  16. T

    Hello Guys!

    Hi, Im TiTTaN from Romania and Im happy to be here. Hope I can find some guys from Romania too. Thx