1. B

    BriKK - FSS wussup!

    Hi I am BriKK, just saying wussup! Give some love! đź–¤
  2. T


    What’s up peeps
  3. A


    Thanks for accepting me here. Hope to learn a lot
  4. B

    Hello Everybody

    Hello guys wahts up >>> im new here i want to learn about hac***ing
  5. D

    Looking forward to explore :)

    Thanks for seeing :)
  6. J


    nice to meet you
  7. J

    Hi all

    Hi everyone. Very much a newbie to this forum.
  8. S


    Hello my name is shawn I just joined a few minutes ago and look forward to something for community plus how do i get Credits ?
  9. I

    Sup Noobs

    Hey script kiddies. It's the old school j3st3r back at it again sin fein
  10. T

    Hello Guys!

    Hi, Im TiTTaN from Romania and Im happy to be here. Hope I can find some guys from Romania too. Thx
  11. B

    Hi together!

    Thanks for having me. What an awesome forum, keep going! Enjoy the evening.
  12. E

    Hi I'm New Here

    Hi Everyone
  13. F

    Hello Guys

    i am for i am new helo to everyone
  14. R

    Welcome to my self

    Hello, thank you for having me here :)
  15. TheLion

    Hey Everybody !!!

    Lion here, Recently visited this forum.It's a great opportunity for everyone. By the way I'm Self made skilled hacker .Hope everybody will get along with me