1. Z


    Good day everyone I am new here!
  2. P


    Hello I'm porfavor1, I'm new here and would like to introduce myself. I enjoy doing crypto trading as a hobby and programming in java.
  3. T


    just wanted to say hi :)
  4. T

    new here

    looks like a good community looking to earn credits thanks!
  5. A

    New to this

    Hello, I am new to this! My main objective is to learn as much as I can by simple trial and error. If there’s any acronyms I should know or keywords and tips please let me know.
  6. K

    Ethical hacker

    I am a ethical hacker and a darkweb researcher.
  7. J

    hey wgats up guys

    Nice to meet you all this seems like a cool palce
  8. G


    gowri shuino
  9. D


    Im new and happy to be here!
  10. W


    New around here, and will be brining lots to the table.
  11. L

    hi im new :)

    hello folks im from Italia, Milano! Happy to be here!
  12. B

    Just want credit

    Hello i just test if i have crédit with this post lol
  13. 2


    hey to y'all
  14. S


    Intro-does this count as a reply so I can see links?
  15. I

    Hey I’m frank

    And frankly I’m an alcoholic
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    Nice to be here

    Hey y’all good to be here
  17. Z


    Just new here guys hoping to learn from the best. Long Live BH:>
  18. D


    Hey all
  19. U


    hi there, my name is guiseppe, i love du french crepe and i'm here to raise hell!!?
  20. H

    Hello FSSQUAD members

    Hi, I am Pagla from Bangladesh, I am new here and want to learn lots of things. My aim is to be a big learner in 2021