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    hey to y'all
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    Intro-does this count as a reply so I can see links?
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    Hey I’m frank

    And frankly I’m an alcoholic
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    Nice to be here

    Hey y’all good to be here
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    Just new here guys hoping to learn from the best. Long Live BH:>
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    Hey all
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    hi there, my name is guiseppe, i love du french crepe and i'm here to raise hell!!?
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    Hello FSSQUAD members

    Hi, I am Pagla from Bangladesh, I am new here and want to learn lots of things. My aim is to be a big learner in 2021
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    hello, everyone

    Hi! I'm RedactedKitty and I'm kinda new to this sort of community and forum. I'm mostly on here to explore different topics and learn as much as I can without having to go through more expensive college classes and stuff like that. I appreciate all of you in the community who post and help out...
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    New here

    Hello. Am new here. Looking to meet new friends and learn cool thingz :cool:
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    Hey everyone. Glad to be here. Planning on learning anything/everything I can. Don't know alot but eventually hope to.
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    Hello, New to the forums have been studying open source intelligence for couple months and just getting familiar with dark web. I've also started playing around with various CTF style hacking challenges. Super new but very enthusiastic learner.
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    Hi Everyone!

    Super excited to be part of the community here!
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    BriKK - FSS wussup!

    Hi I am BriKK, just saying wussup! Give some love! ?
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    What’s up peeps
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    Thanks for accepting me here. Hope to learn a lot
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    Hello Everybody

    Hello guys wahts up >>> im new here i want to learn about hac***ing
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    Looking forward to explore :)

    Thanks for seeing :)
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    nice to meet you
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    Hi all

    Hi everyone. Very much a newbie to this forum.