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  1. Money713

    TUT [Auth][Release] Fastest Generator (paysafecard - discord nitro - malwarebytes - steam - etc)

    Its a generator of 5 different generating types: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx xxxx-xxxxxx-xxxx xxxx:xxxx-xxxx-xxxx xxxx paysafecard gen updated UI its create 10k Giftcards in 3 seconds it saves them in a [xx] giftcards (dont forget to change the name of the generated giftcards if...
  2. M

    TOOLS ZeroEye v2.0 - Custom Key Generator +oo [Python]

    After 2years , i didnt care about this one cause i made an allin1 cracker aka m4rkGc or m4rkGenerator & cracker - in the end , i did remove all projects from github .. So , i give this version for Python beginners Who want to make generators or crackers and soon u get updates on this one...
  3. kirl0x0


    Informations Rapeflix requires good enough proxies (doesn't have to be too expensive) to have a satisfying amount of checks per minute. It does generate gift codes automatically and check them on Netflix, then capture their value and save them. This tool actually has a lot of potential and...