1. C

    New to site and need so help.

    What’s the easiest way to earn credits. I think I read if I’m correct by just making this thread I’ll earn some credit for it? I guess I’m about to find out. I’m just looking for a link or anything to get me a free copy of the 2022 fraud bible. If anyone can help It be greatly appreciated. That...
  2. G

    Is there a way to figure out the zip code associated with a card?

    I purchased some cards from a popular cc market and the information provided with the cards were fake/incorrect. The cards numbers are live, and i'm alerted of wrong zipcode when i try to put them on a payment app etc. Is there a way to figure out the actual zip of a card? Even via a payment...
  3. B

    CARDING hQ Legit And Trustable Fullz Logs CC SSN Etc...On Darkweb Market!(.onion-Link>>tor)

    Enjoy Guys! -Love! Spolier: Hidden content 👉 👌 :cool:.
  4. B

    REQUEST fullz and bins

    looking for fullz with dl if possible
  5. B

    new here from the US trying to meet some legit people

    man the dark web is full of scam sites just trying to meet some legit vendors.
  6. R

    CARDING ✅💰 How To Get Fullz By Doxing 😍💵👍

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  7. M

    Where to buy US FULLZ today?

    Hi, looking for US FULLZ+ including NAME; DOB; CS; BG; DL; 800+ some sellers offer also Bankdrop, Socks5 and Cookies as well, also interested in that. All for taking loans
  8. G

    HELLO Im New Here

    hey im here looking for fullz methods and other crypto finesses
  9. M

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  10. M


    Hey guys! I am able to hack some websites and get the cc-fullz of registered users. However, I don'tknow what to do with them besides using the info to register for online paid services. How can I get cash from my hacked ccz.
  11. K

    BIN Vendetta World Your #1 Source for FIRST HAND HIGH QUALITY DUMPS !

    https://vendta.cc https://kingven.cc TOR: vendtaudi777qurg.onion
  12. C

    I make sure that you will happy doing businnes with me.

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  13. H

    loans plan

    Looking for someone who is proficient and seasoned in doing USA LOANS. I have a SWEET and EASY program running with 10000000% success rate and no headache! SAME DAY CASH OUT with no extra bull Shit and long sad stories. Loans from this company are $1000-$5000 (instantly issued) What is needed...
  14. RodGray

    Need dumps sites recommendations

    Hey guys can anybody recommend any sites that are reputable and not scams, I'm looking for fullz, and dumps with pin. Any help will be greatly appreciated :)