free php scripts

  1. Lucif3rHun

    SCRIPT Python Perl PHP and C script hacking mega pack

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  2. Phoenixagent

    SCRIPT Advanced PHP URL Shortener

    Advanced PHP URL Shortener is a powerful clean & lightweight script that allows your visitors to shorten their urls, track the hits, and even more. Also comes with an API that allows developers to retrieve useful information such as shortened url, original url, hits, date/time, a sleek Metro...
  3. Phoenixagent

    SCRIPT Appender v1.0.1 - Copycat Content Protection for WordPress

    Appender is a WordPress plugin that adds your copyrights to any copied text on your site. The plugin protects the text content of the WordPress site with customizable copyright string. Demo: Hidden content
  4. Phoenixagent

    SCRIPT onTrack v1.16 - IT Asset Management & Project Management

    onTrack enables you to inventory hardware assets and licenses for your clients, get your projects organized, provide support through tickets and track and organize your work with issues. onTrack comes fully featured with network service monitoring, credentials manager, kanban project...
  5. Phoenixagent

    SCRIPT Soundkit v2.4.2 - Social Music Sharing Platform

    Soundkit is a Social Music Sharing Platform similar with Mixcloud, SoundCloud, allowing users to upload their music online and share with the world. Demo: Hidden content
  6. Phoenixagent

    SCRIPT oobenn v3.7.3 - Instagram Style Social Networking Script

    oobenn is a social networking platform with instagram interface. With features hosted in oobenn content is a unique script that can be used for multiple projects.You can enable or disable the parts that members use to share. For example, if you have a video sharing project, you will have a video...
  7. Phoenixagent

    SCRIPT Fundme v3.2 - Crowdfunding Platform

    Fundme Crowdfunding Platform It is a script for fundraising for various causes, the administrator can add volunteers who can create unlimited campaigns, this script is finished create a community where different people to help those in need either your community or different places. Demo...
  8. Phoenixagent

    SCRIPT Ora School Suite v6.0 - Ultimate school management system

    Ultimate school management system. Built on Laravel 5, Bootstrap 4 And AngularJS. Schoex is one the best school management system available in market to manage your school operations in best manners. Demo: -=Stripped...
  9. Phoenixagent

    SCRIPT Panda Resort v7.3.0 - CMS for Single Hotel - Booking System

    Panda Resort a web software to create and manage websites for hotels, resorts, spa Web agency or just an owner of hotel, resort, spa, lodging or bed and breakfast? This CMS is built for you! Add your rooms. Manage your prices. Create original activities and tours, extra services and follow up...