1. W

    whatssss good though?

    does anyone ever actually look at that intro sections on boards? i dont
  2. K


    Hello Carders ? After hitting some stores i'm going to help who are still struggling to hit some online stores. I'm going to share some premium tools and tutorials which i used before and got huge success. If we talk about security on merchant services/payment services it's growing day by...
  3. A

    2021 Fraud Bible With Extras! ------- ------- ------- Please consider donating to my Coinomi wallet, everything's appreciated! Wallet ID: 3MEEbGQX387Dgu3aZKAyNtLgjApVTTDk6v
  4. I

    REQUEST Carding, Bank Drop, CPN guides? Anyone? plz!!

    hey all, looking for fraud guides like the ones described in the header. anyone willin to help a guy out? thannks
  5. G

    Hi im new

    Ready to learn and make money. If somebody want to join my team i know a lot about fraud.
  6. thevampire

    CARDING Fraudlent Packs

    *IMPORTANT* - Always make BACKUP !! Contents : Old Bible Carding & Spamming 6 Big Packs Method Bible SWZT Fraud Leaked ID and Templates Fraud Bible 2021 V2 - March BTC CC PP AMAON EBAY MEGA PACK MISC HACK PACK (Cracking, Carding, Hacking, Netflix Method, BTC Books, Money Making Tuts) FRAUD...
  7. thevampire

    Fraud Bible 2020

    Fraud Bible 2020 Re-Upload In Case you missed the MEGA, here is another version. **NOTE : Keep Backup, just in Case.
  8. D

    REQUEST Carding pack

    hey guys, im new here. May i ask what are the necessary carding tools/programs that i would need? such as anti-detect and also fraud fox?
  9. FSBOT


    ??PDF Carding!ZtEW2Z7b!M9aT20eGZsTfzQKqn8mI7Q ??Full Carding!bc1UCZ6J!wUIZ6sg488FfcCX_tlfTEQ ??Pack Carder!l7ZgmbYb!AN6Sn2E_X-p2qnvx_n8k2VbovO7EVQ3A82ElRN1TCjM ??Carding Cracking...
  10. B

    Who here is standing on their GNU-GPL freedoms and no longer allowing developers to commit fraud against them?

    Now that the cat has really been out of the bag for some time now... Who here is standing on their GNU-GPL freedoms with GNU GPL themes, plugins, and other scripts and sharing these scripts including the activation keys that developers are attempting to use in order to circumvent the license...
  11. W

    Hey Guys! Looking for some Contacts

    Hey, Guys i am looking for Contacts. My Motto : Money Feel free to PM me!-=Stripped Content=-
  12. R

    For the Money

    Dear Carders, I am new here on this forum and I have for someone good offer, -I have many account on Coinbase and they are verifed,when you have Bank Log or Good Bin for coinbase,We can make money together Wickr Me - Rogue664a Telegram - Rogue664a
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    Anything and everything about carding Hidden content Hidden content-=Stripped Content=-
  14. P

    CARDING Fraud Bible Tetralogy TOTAL 88,797 GB [All Fraud Bible Relased List 2019-20]

    A-Z Everything about FRAUD with tools, samples, templates, tutorials and more... 4 Mega Links in total of 17.22 GB + 35.78 GB +35.79 GB + 7,2 MB = 88,797 GB Contents: koononte fraud bible (2020) FRAUD BIBLE 2020 UPDATED 2019 FRD BIBLE goonezys bible Note: Delete Spaces in the links...
  15. M

    TUT fraud bible (140GB version)

    -=Stripped Content=-
  16. E

    Hi Friends

    New here, came to learn carding and want to become a pro carder
  17. E

    CARDING Bailopan Carding Mastery

    This is a great guide from Bailopan who is selling this guide on Empire Market for $$. This covers basic OPSEC and Expert carding guide which is good for beginners and pro carders too. Hidden content
  18. U

    TOOLS FraudFox & Antidetect CRACKED

    FraudFox Plus Antidetect
  19. Suckmypenis1

    Teejayx6 style methods of making money

    Hello my beginning fraudsters. Today I have compiled a list of topics you should research in order to become a successful swiper. This is for people who are new and don't know where to start: Dropping checks Credit card fraud Insurance fraud Return fraud Bank drops Bank logs Credit lines CPNs...