1. Mr_hack


    IN BETA NEW TOOL DAILY UPDATE :) , so feel free to tell issues if you get. ✅AnonSurf ✅Information Gathering ✅Password Attack ✅Wireless Attack ✅SQL Injection Tools ✅Phishing Attack ✅Web Attack Tool ✅Post exploitation ✅Forensic Tools ✅Payload Creator ✅Router Exploit ✅Wifi Jamming ✅XSS Attack...
  2. I


    HOW TO GET A FREE SILENT WINRAR EXPLOIT Step 1: Go To jomgegar.net and register There Step 2: Go To This Post step 3: Lave A HQ Comment Not "Thank you" or "Ty" Lave A Longer Comment Like "niiice Bro, Can u send it to me?" "Great, Can u Pls Send It To Me" "Send it to Me, Brother" Don't Post...
  3. Money713

    HQ LEAKS Make money from 1xBit Exploit

    Hey, with this method you will be able to earn a lot of money with no effort. This isn't some shitty repost, this is a fresh method that was released on January 1st, 2021 and it now being sold on HackForums for a lot of money. Here is the guide: DOWNLOAD: HERE
  4. imdjhacker

    TUT Offensive Software Exploitation Full Course

    Offensive Software Exploitation Full Course Download Link: -=Stripped Content=-
  5. B

    CARDING Hurry up ,make money with me make money with me,LocalBitcoins-Exploit.

    No nonsense, Im get a BTC exploit, website:LocalBitcoins(Anyone knows) If you want to make money, hurry up, I am worried will not survive for too long I have used up all the IDs. Now I need IDs urgently. I am looking for partners. If you have enough IDs, come and cooperate with me soon. See...
  6. I

    EXploit DNS vulnerability CVE 2020 1350

    Hidden content LOCK THREAD -=Stripped Content=-
  7. nokadix

    TOOLS Silent Doc Exploit 100% fud silent

    Silent Doc Exploit 100% fud silent This exploit is compatible with Microsoft Office Word 2003 up to 2016 and Windows Xp to Windows 10 32x64 bit Stable Works on x32 & 64 bit Monthly 10 to 15 updates Small Stub Supports .exe & .dll Document is Editable Can be attached in any email provider Live...
  8. T

    TOOLS Multi Exploit Builder v1

    Hidden content
  9. imdjhacker

    TOOLS Multi Exploit Builder v1

    Multi Exploit Builder v1 is simple exploit builder for Firefox add-on exploit,silent download and execute and use windows shortcut. ● UAC Exploit ● Download and Execute Exploit ● Windows Shortcut EXploit ● UAC Exploit ● Using Vbs script ● UAC Enable ● Using Reg File Hidden content
  10. Phoenixagent


    DOWNLOAD Hidden content
  11. M


    Hey guys! Can you suggest other ways on how to make money from my rdps apart from crypto mining
  12. R

    Zero day exploit

    Zero day exploit https://www.blackhatrussia.com/1427-zeroday-link-exploit.html
  13. cipherthehacker

    Leak Reverse engineering and exploit development course! Direct link

    ? Reverse engineering and exploit development course! Direct link? ? Like this post don't be a leecher!? Hidden content
  14. Phoenixagent

    TOOLS WordPress Plugin Postie 1.9.40 - Persistent Cross-Site Scripting Exploit

    This exploit is for postie plugin of WordPress, which is vulnerable to persistent Cross site scripting. Hidden content
  15. Phoenixagent

    TOOLS MSN Password Recovery 1.30 - Denial of Service Exploit

    Hidden content
  16. Phoenixagent

    TOOLS Top Password Firefox Password Recovery 2.8 - Denial of Service Exploit

    Platform - Windows Credit - 0day Note: DOS AND DDOS ATTACKS ARE ILLEGAL.I DO NOT HOLD ANY RESPONSIBILITIES IF YOU COMMIT IT! # Exploit Title: Top Password Firefox Password Recovery 2.8 - Denial of Service (PoC) # Exploit Author: Antonio de la Piedra # Vendor Homepage...