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    VIP LEAKS Make money from 1xBit Exploit

    Hey, with this method you will be able to earn a lot of money with no effort. This isn't some shitty repost, this is a fresh method that was released on January 1st, 2021 and it now being sold on HackForums for a lot of money. Here is the guide: DOWNLOAD: HERE
  2. imdjhacker

    TUT Offensive Software Exploitation Full Course

    Offensive Software Exploitation Full Course Download Link: -=Stripped Content=-
  3. B

    CARDING Hurry up ,make money with me make money with me,LocalBitcoins-Exploit.

    No nonsense, Im get a BTC exploit, website:LocalBitcoins(Anyone knows) If you want to make money, hurry up, I am worried will not survive for too long I have used up all the IDs. Now I need IDs urgently. I am looking for partners. If you have enough IDs, come and cooperate with me soon. See...
  4. I

    EXploit DNS vulnerability CVE 2020 1350

    Hidden content LOCK THREAD -=Stripped Content=-
  5. nokadix

    TOOLS Silent Doc Exploit 100% fud silent

    Silent Doc Exploit 100% fud silent This exploit is compatible with Microsoft Office Word 2003 up to 2016 and Windows Xp to Windows 10 32x64 bit Stable Works on x32 & 64 bit Monthly 10 to 15 updates Small Stub Supports .exe & .dll Document is Editable Can be attached in any email provider Live...
  6. T

    TOOLS Multi Exploit Builder v1

    Hidden content
  7. imdjhacker

    TOOLS Multi Exploit Builder v1

    Multi Exploit Builder v1 is simple exploit builder for Firefox add-on exploit,silent download and execute and use windows shortcut. ● UAC Exploit ● Download and Execute Exploit ● Windows Shortcut EXploit ● UAC Exploit ● Using Vbs script ● UAC Enable ● Using Reg File Hidden content
  8. Phoenixagent


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  9. M


    Hey guys! Can you suggest other ways on how to make money from my rdps apart from crypto mining
  10. R

    Zero day exploit

    Zero day exploit https://www.blackhatrussia.com/1427-zeroday-link-exploit.html
  11. cipherthehacker

    Leak Reverse engineering and exploit development course! Direct link

    ? Reverse engineering and exploit development course! Direct link? ? Like this post don't be a leecher!? Hidden content
  12. Phoenixagent

    TOOLS WordPress Plugin Postie 1.9.40 - Persistent Cross-Site Scripting Exploit

    This exploit is for postie plugin of WordPress, which is vulnerable to persistent Cross site scripting. Hidden content
  13. Phoenixagent

    TOOLS MSN Password Recovery 1.30 - Denial of Service Exploit

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  14. Phoenixagent

    TOOLS Top Password Firefox Password Recovery 2.8 - Denial of Service Exploit

    Platform - Windows Credit - 0day Note: DOS AND DDOS ATTACKS ARE ILLEGAL.I DO NOT HOLD ANY RESPONSIBILITIES IF YOU COMMIT IT! # Exploit Title: Top Password Firefox Password Recovery 2.8 - Denial of Service (PoC) # Exploit Author: Antonio de la Piedra # Vendor Homepage...