edu email method

  1. Reviluner

    TOOLS [UHQ] Edu Mail Creator Bot [Python]

    Instructions To Run The Program: 1. Open CMD 2. Set Path Where Is (cd C:….) 3. Type In CMD: python 4. Accounts Are Stored In “accountinfo.txt”
  2. Lucif3rHun

    TUT ? How To Get A Free .EDU Email Account Working May 2020 ?

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  3. W

    TUT Guide to make your own UNLIMITED custom .edu email under 5 minutes | Great for carding

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  4. D

    TUT How To Get A Free .EDU Email Account Working May 2020

    This requires a few simple steps.. 1. Visit this website: 2. Look For the 'Apply' button and click on it. 3. Then go to start new application. 4. Select U.S Citizen and fill up all the forms. For the addresses, I recommend you use some from...
  5. S


    Requirements: https://www.fakename…n=18&age-max=22 561 (CLICK GENERATE) 254 or 107 Steps: 1 Visit 787 2 Select “Sierra College” from the drop-down menu or “Crafton Hills College” if you want unlimited Google Drive. Click...
  6. hackbuster

    How to create .EDU email for free?

    HI Guys i have a question for You, i want to create a edu email but i'm not success in it. you have a any easy method that will tell/show how we can create edu email email? If you know then please share with us. Thanks in Advance