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    TUT SPECIAL EBOOKS Free Download

    Python, Java, C Anti-Viruses ATP – Advanced Penetration Testing Big Data CEH Computer Security Cryptography Exploit Ethical Hacking Forensics Hadoop Malwares Kali Linux Tuts Metasploit Mobile Modern Web PHP Pentesting Programming Physical Devices Reverse Engineering Semantic Web Social...
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    Ajax for Dummies - Learn from scratch.

    Even if you weren’t intimidated before, that tidbit is probably enough to make you reach for the Excedrin. Just reach for Ajax For Dummies instead. With screen shots, actual code and explanations, and live Web sites where you can see Ajax applications doing their thing, it will have you using...
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    Buffer overflow vulnerabilities and Attacks

    In a buffer-overflow attack, the extra data sometimes holds specific instructions for actions intended by a hacker or malicious user; for example, the data could trigger a response that damages files, changes data or unveils private information. Hidden content
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    Fundamentals of cryptography eBook

    Cryptography is a method of protecting information and communications through the use of codes so that only those for whom the information is intended can read and process it. The pre-fix "crypt" means "hidden" or "vault" and the suffix "graphy" stands for "writing." Hidden content
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    Creating Webpages for dummies eBook

    Focusing on the needs of the first-time Web page creator, this plain-English guide shows how to build a basic personal site in no time * Updated to cover the latest trends and tools, including blogs, photo-hosting sites, and Google Page Creator * Covers super-easy Web creation options (such as...
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    Advertising for Dummies eBook

    So, you need to create an advertising campaign that brings in more customers, adds more dollars to your bottom line, and validates all the reasons you went into business in the first place. But how can you make your ad look and sound like champagne if your budget can only afford beer? Are you...
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    E-Mail Marketing for Dummies eBook

    E-mail marketing represents an opportunity to experience both the thrill of increased customer loyalty and steady repeat business as well as the agony of bounced e-mail, unsubscribe requests, and spam complaints. Whether you find thrill or agony in your e-mail marketing strategy depends on your...
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    HTML 4 for Dummies eBook

    Are you fascinated by the look and design of Web pages? Do you wish that you had the knowledge and skills to create a great looking Web site? Whether you’re an up-and-coming Web designer or just an enthusiastic hobbyist, you are probably using HTML, the standard authoring language for the...
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    Macbook for dummies eBook

    Make friends with your MacBook the fun and easy way! Ultra–light, ultra–fast, and ultra–powerful, the MacBook is the coolest laptop in town, and longtime Mac guru Mark L. Chambers is just the guy to help you get to know your MacBook in no time. Take a closer look at the latest features, get the...
  19. Phoenixagent

    JavaScript for dummies eBook

    Coding with JavaScript For Dummies provides easy, hands-on instruction for anyone looking to learn this popular client-side language. No experience? No problem! This friendly guide starts from the very beginning and walks you through the basics, then shows you how to apply what you've learned to...
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    Car Hacks and Mods for Dummies eBook

    So you want to turn your Yugo into a Viper? Sorry--you need a certified magician. But if you want to turn your sedate sedan into a mean machine or your used car lot deal into a powerful, purring set of wheels, you’ve come to the right place. Car Hacks & Mods for Dummies will get you...