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  1. C


    Hello Im Candice Im not new to the fraud game but I am new to this site. Please someone help me I am trying to learn how to write credit cards from dumps.
  2. K

    REQUEST ICQ Groups sharing

    Hi there Squad, I'm kinnn and I want to card sum cards lmao. Not looking to go big off them but some spare change won't hurt. So if anyone can point me or share some ICQ groups who spam the cards, I'd b happy to see. Thanks1
  3. boss06

    CARDING How to get credit cards of your own

    Guys a new post on how you can on your own Get credit cards and many more things Now you don't have to relay on rippers LEAVE A REPUTATION GUYS IF YOU LIKED IT DOWNLOAD LINK: Hidden content
  4. Zone Carder007

    CARDING 7 Reasons a Credit Card is blocked

    Hidden contentHidden contentHidden contentHidden contentHidden contentHidden content
  5. P

    Leak Kill this cc

    5307723303573782|12|2021|241 LIVE [CVV:CVV MATCHED]
  6. K

    BIN Vendetta World Your #1 Source for FIRST HAND HIGH QUALITY DUMPS ! TOR: vendtaudi777qurg.onion
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    Hi. I'm new here, how do I earn credits in this forum?
  8. Z

    BIN Facebook 25$ ADS

    530082 new bin fb usa
  9. cipherthehacker

    CARDING Credit Card fraud revealed!

    Like reveal the content! For most of you out there, money is hard to come by. Until now: With the recent advent of plastic money (credit cards), it is easy to use someone else's credit card to order the items you have always desired in life. The stakes are high, but the payoff is worth...
  10. Phoenixagent


    Hidden content
  11. Phoenixagent


    Many believe that if CC was decline, it means that it is not valid CC, although in most cases this happens for other reasons. If you use the checker, it will issue codes 00, 05, 51. And this means that the reasons for the decline are not related to the validity of the CC. To better understand...
  12. WadeWilson

    ANNOUNCEMENT Important: Telegram bot That offer fresh cc

    Yo guys in this tutorial im gonna show u how to obtain some cc to use it in paly store or whatever u want ,let's get started : Well the main idea is that we are about to join a telegram bot , created by spammers ,as i said before you can take advantage from it just by joining but u have to earn...
  13. Phoenixagent

    Thread closed!

    Thread has been closed !
  14. Phoenixagent

    SCRIPT CCARDGENERATOR.COM - A RANDOM CREDIT CARD GENERATOR SCRIPT is a website that generates random credit card number based on your query, like if you want to generate a visa card just open the visa credit card generator and generate as much as you want. This is the script of it. Hidden content Note:Make sure you edit the source code...
  15. mmapsycho

    BIN Egyptian Amex Bins

    Hidden content No Zip code
  16. M

    Legit site to buy CCS?

    what is a legit site to buy ccs? UK please.
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