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  1. Sergio Mar

    TUT Car Hacking Course and Tools Mega Link

    Car Hacking Course Link:-
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    CARDING How can I earn credit?

    How can I earn credit?
  3. aN0nYm0Us

    TUT Car Hacking using Hack RF one and OBD2 Course For Ethical Testing Purpose

    Course price: $60 Course Content : Described in the video below Hidden content
  4. itxfahdi

    Leak Car Hacking Course By Sajawal Hacker MEGA.NZ UPDATED LINK

    Car Hacking course by Sajawal Hacker Urdu-Hindi language Topes: 1) Introduction the course 2) About authour 3) Whay car Hacking? 4) Is Car hacking Legal Or illegal 5) Existing Research About Car Hacking 6) Into to The CAN & ECU 7) Open-Source toolkits for Car Hacking 8) Which OS you...
  5. aN0nYm0Us

    TUT Hack Rf one and Rtl-Sdr Course for Ethical Hackers and Security Researchers

    Only for $170 Introduction of my New Course RTL-SDR and Hackrf one ⚠This Course is only for Learning & educational purpose only we are not responsible if you do Any illegal activity⚠ ?Course Content:- ❗What is Software Defined Radio (SDR) ❗Basics of Frequency ❗Learn Different Types of...
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