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    Mirai Source Code

    Mirai Source Code Like and Reply ! Hidden content
  2. cashout133

    TUT CashOutGang Markets - Online Hacking Classes & Mentoring

    Here is the mission statement and general info about CashOutGang 💸 Market! I have been a vendor on the dark web for just about two years and have established over 4000+ documented sales with customer feedback; On the 12+ Marketplaces I have been featured on. I have decided to branch my...
  3. cashout133 - Botnet Forums

    Our Infomercial Link Infected Forums - CashOutGang Markets @CashOutGang1337 A Hackers Private, Community Forum - Dedicated on Botnets & Virus'sWhat is Infected Forums? Infected Forums is a underground forum for hackers of all colors to get together and help, discuss and teach each other...
  4. Shozab


    BOTNETS Hidden content ( \/) LEAVE A LIKE PLZ (*..*) ( . ) " " If you want to support me : BTC : 34aUndtK9w9ndmbtvFLpYoTdMbr9iRqvU8
  5. M0DERAT0R


    Free advanced and modern Windows botnet with a nice and secure PHP panel developed using VB.NET. this botnet controller comes with a lot of features and the most secure panel for free Developed By: Black.Hacker v3.7 1. Added more Charts and Stats 2. Updated the stub .NET Framework to...
  6. G

    What encoding is this

    I got this from a botnet saved as dbcon.php but when i opened this is and i also tried detecting the encoding but not able to. Can anyone please solve this...
  7. Raajanfaiz

    Leak ?Hacking Android Devices using Kali Linux / Mobile Hacking?

    Link:- -=Stripped Content=-
  8. H

    Leak HACKING Botnet

    Hidden content Botnet
  9. F

    REQUEST Android Phone Spy software

    Hi I need android spy software with guides. kindly assist
  10. S

    Zombi Bot V8 || 850+ Exploit,2000+ Shells, Hack Smtp,Cpanel,Root Server 2020||

    Zombi Bot v8 850+ Exploit 2000+ Shells Hidden content
  11. X


    Hello friends, as you all know, the role of botnet and ddos that we mentioned in the internet industry is very important. If you want to buy completely with 700gbit power, I serve as a rental. Having fun is prohibited. It should be used for illegal illegal sites. What can you do with botnet...
  12. aN0nYm0Us

    HQ LEAKS Windows PC Hacked using Black-net Botnet latest version

    For course of Blacknet installation and Hack anybody contact me ⚠️ DISCLAIMER : This Channel DOES NOT Promote or encourage Any illegal activities , all contents provided by This Channel is meant for EDUCATIONAL purpose only. Wear Headphones for best sound experience. In this video, I am gonna...
  13. Lucif3rHun

    ?DiamondFox Link BotNet – Leaked?
  14. Lucif3rHun

    Loki 2.0

    Bot features: - Card grabber - Phone contacts spam - Custom numbers spam - Call to number - Incoming call forwarding - Start user applications - Automatic invoke fake notifications with custom icons - Catch, block, delete incoming SMS. Sent new SMS - Get list of user applications - Contact...
  15. Lucif3rHun

    vOlk Botnet

    Some feature Stealer Pharming Web Visit Download & Execute DDoS Attacks
  16. kuriyalneeraj

    TOOLS ? DiamondFox Link BotNet – Leaked?

    ?DiamondFox Link BotNet – Leaked? ?DiamondFox Link Is one of the Best Botnets ever, you will never find it anywhere else for free so Enjoy What This Can Do? SPAM Text to speech (you can define the voice, the speed and the volume) Custom SMTP, HTML letter, unlimited email list PASSWORD STEALER...
  17. R

    TOOLS Black Worm v4.1

    Black Worm v4.1 Expert Edition 1. Run File 2. Keylogger 3. Black WebSite 4. Open WebSite 5. DDos WebSite 6. Get Desktop ▪ USB Sparead / EXE ▪ USB Sparead Link ▪ ShortCut Sparead ▪ Folder Sparead ▪ P2P Sparead ▪ Bot Killer ▪ Drive SpareProtect Process ▪ BYpass UAC/ Windows Firewall ▪Bypass...
  18. R


    Android Botnet is like a SPYWARE which after installed in any device the attackers can get whole access of device remotely. Features:- Sms Stealer Credit Card Grabber Device Locker Contacts Stealer SMS Sender Run Apps Flood SMS Download apps in victim phone Inject Bank pages Notification Sender...
  19. R

    TOOLS Zombi bot

    Zombi Bot V12 2020, 1200+ Exploits,3000+ Shells,Hack Smtp &Cpanel Worth: 40$+ All in One Bot (Zombi Bot V12 -Zombi Bot V11 -Zombi Bot V10 -XAttacker V5 Tool- Zombi Bot V8 2019 -Zombi Bot V7 2019 -Zombi Bot V6 2019 -Raiz0WorM Bot V5 Spy_Killer- Mr.Spy V6 – Zombi Bot V5.7 – Monster V1 – Bazzoka...