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    CARDING Best Hindi Hacking Course Collection By BlackHat Pakistant

    you can see the best video tutorial and tools are here for blackhat hacking Hidden content
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    HQ LEAKS DedSec Spamming Practical Course - First Time In Internet History

    1 Introduction To Spamming 2 How You Can Get Valid Emails 3 How To Filter Valid Emails 4 How You Can Extract Emails 5 Make Undetectable Letters 6 How To Make Encrypt Letters 7 How You Can Make Undetectable Scampage 8 How to Send Mail Inbox Via Sendblaster 9 How you Can Safety From Spamming last...
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  4. cashout133

    ANNOUNCEMENT Cash Out Gang - Looking For Partners

    Hey guys, So here is a little bit about myself, my name, what I do, have done and what I am planning on doing. ================ Who am I? / What have I done? =============== So I am CashOutGang1337, Also known as Blueskies1337. I consider my self to still be newer to the whole "Darkweb" and...
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    Hello Carders ? After hitting some stores i'm going to help who are still struggling to hit some online stores. I'm going to share some premium tools and tutorials which i used before and got huge success. If we talk about security on merchant services/payment services it's growing day by...
  6. regexbuddy

    Leak 1x Ebook!!!)_Blackhat_Python_2nd_Edition+!!!

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  7. thevampire

    [LQ] Amazon Automatic-Refund Method

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    HQ LEAKS Make easy $50

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    TUT Get Logitech G733 Wireless Headset twice for FREE

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    CARDING How to CASHOUT from a Spammed PayPal Account ?

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    LEAKED COURSE PRICE: $100 [FREE FOR YOU] Content: ● Bitcoin Mining Methods ● Bruteforce ● Manual SQL Injection ● Getting Server Info Of Any Website And Editing It ● Filtering Email Addresses By domain ● Fix Any 404 Error ● How to Get Free VPS or RDP ● Installing VPN In Kali Linux ● Beginner To...
  12. thevampire

    Notification for amateurs and noobs interested in hacking,cracking,etc

    Since my previous Patreon got banned a few months back, I'm thinking of starting a page on with membership as low as $4 or even low. What you'll get inside : Tuts related to Blackhat Hacking Cracking Netflix, Amazon Prime Cracking videos Premium BINS How to make your...
  13. thevampire

    Discord Crasher GIF

    Discord Crasher Gif Send this to anyone to crash their discord Hidden contentHidden content
  14. Nahian360

    CARDING Using Python to get Udemy courses for free!

    Hidden content Here is a code with I upload in github and it will obiosly help you to enroll your udamy corse free .........;);)
  15. thevampire

    CARDING Fraudlent Packs

    *IMPORTANT* - Always make BACKUP !! Contents : Old Bible Carding & Spamming 6 Big Packs Method Bible SWZT Fraud Leaked ID and Templates Fraud Bible 2021 V2 - March BTC CC PP AMAON EBAY MEGA PACK MISC HACK PACK (Cracking, Carding, Hacking, Netflix Method, BTC Books, Money Making Tuts) FRAUD...
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    Fraud Bible 2020

    Fraud Bible 2020 Re-Upload In Case you missed the MEGA, here is another version. **NOTE : Keep Backup, just in Case.
  17. thevampire

    HQ LEAKS Get Netflix, Amazon AWS and many more FREE

    NETFLIX OTP BYASS Go to Google Play Store or App Store and download PingMe. Register it with your own number. Don't register it with 2nd Line or TextNow. It won't work. Do not register it with email address. You won't get the credits. During registration they eill ask for REFERRAL CODE ...
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    TUT ESET NOD32 Antivirus FREE - Visit before the offer expires
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    TUT 1Password Family Free 6 months Access | The Family’s Safe Deposit Box with a Digital Key
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    TUT Amazon Kindle FREE for 2 months