1. tolix

    CARDING AN Ultimate Pack

    Enjoy Carding to Hacking to Giftcarding guides. Link:"";try it here Password 馃攽馃攽 1234
  2. Y

    REQUEST I need Android Hacking course

    Help to get android hacking course
  3. M

    CARDING Binding RAT (spymax) payload to APK

    Hi all, Does anybody know how to bind a RAT payload such as spymax's to an APK? When I check the bind checkbox I am asked to choose a file, so I choose the APK I want to bind the payload to. Then I am asked to choose an apk, so I choose the same apk. However, Spymax is stuck at "Copying...
  4. A

    HQ LEAKS OS Prashanth YouTube Deleted Hacking Course

    OS Prasanth Android Hacking Link -
  5. A

    REQUEST ask for injections experts

    Hello everybody i have a spynote payload is apk file and i want to inject it into original apk I ask the experts to help me, as I have exhausted all my energy in searching for a program that does this in the correct manner, which makes the original application working good. thaaanks
  6. cashout133

    DedSec APK Crypter - Almost FUD

    Features: 1) Compitable with all popular Android RATs 2) Optimizes the contents of APK 3) Powerful Code Obfustication for bypassing Anti鈥檚 4) Simple and Easy Graphical Interface 5) Tested with Ahmyth Rat Procedure: 1) In Crypter Panel, Left Click on the with 3 dots at the right side of 1st...
  7. G

    TUT Hack android

    Hack android rs 4000 #hacking New Android Hacking Course Details Course Name ~ Android_Hacking_Full_Advanced_Professional_Course ( First_Time_On_Earth) By_OS- Prashant | Language_Hindi Course Language ~ Hindi { 啶灌た啶傕う啷 } Videos ~ 33 Videos Screen Resolution ~ 1920x1080 Full HD All Videos Duration...
  8. V

    HQ LEAKS Prashant asoliya Android hacking course Content=-
  9. V

    Black hat hacking course

    Hi Black hat hacking course
  10. EncrypteDJ

    馃敯 30+ RATS COLLECTION馃敯

    鉁达笍 !__ANDROID ( Spy Note 5 ) 鉁达笍 888 RAT Private - Cracked 鉁达笍888RAT1.0.8O Cracked 鉁达笍 CinaRAT 鉁达笍 CobianRAT v1.0.40.7 鉁达笍 Coringa-RAT 鉁达笍 Death-RATV0.10 鉁达笍 DwisecTAR - RAT v1.2.9 鉁达笍 Eagle RAT v2.5 鉁达笍 HichamRAT v0.9d 鉁达笍 Hidra Force v4.0 鉁达笍 Kronus RAT Free 鉁达笍 LeGend Rat v1.9 鉁达笍 LimeRAT v0.1.8.5C...
  11. gb34200

    Leak 41 android games 18+ free

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    Leak 22 games android +18 FREE

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  13. S

    TOOLS SpyMax 2.0 Best Cracked Work on android 11

    this spymax 2.0 version is best for creating fud payload Hidden content
  14. w34v3r


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  15. Shozab


    IN BETA NEW TOOL DAILY UPDATE :) , so feel free to tell issues if you get. 鉁匒nonSurf 鉁匢nformation Gathering 鉁匬assword Attack 鉁匴ireless Attack 鉁匰QL Injection Tools 鉁匬hishing Attack 鉁匴eb Attack Tool 鉁匬ost exploitation 鉁匜orensic Tools 鉁匬ayload Creator 鉁匯outer Exploit 鉁匴ifi Jamming 鉁匵SS Attack...
  16. regexbuddy

    REQUEST Build A Tinder Clone Course for Android so "NOT" IOS!!!

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  17. M0DERAT0R


    Requirements: A Linux machine ( if you don't have this, I think you better should. Totally recommended) All other dependencies will be automatically installed when you run this tool. On the terminal: Install the tool by 禄 git clone Set script...
  18. H

    TUT 50 Android hacks

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  19. Kbbh

    Android debug bridge

    how do you guys feel about android debug bridge? Its my favorite thing to exploit of android devices as you can inject shells. Access many things on the device, screen record it and get logs of user activity and many others.
  20. C

    TUT How To Run .Exe File On Android Devices

    Files with the EXE extension are executable files intended for use within Windows or MS-DOS. You can鈥檛 make all EXE files work on an Android. However, many older DOS-based EXE files can be opened with the DOS emulator DOSBox. Step 1 Install a DOSBox app on your Android device. AnDOSBox, aDosBox...