Wifi Kill Apk - Dominate All Wireless Networks Without Knowing The Code!

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WifiKill APK, my esteemed teachers, I am sure that many of you are establishing an internet connection with wireless in different places and the wireless internet network you connect with is too slow to be used due to the connection of many users, and I offer the WifiKill application in order to prevent this and to control the network you are connected to completely.

It can prevent other users on the wireless internet network from accessing the internet, so that only you can benefit from all the benefits of the wireless network. To use WifiKill only, you need to have ROOT privileges on your android device.

Thanks to Wifikill, no matter how many devices are using the wireless network you are connected to, you can make all or the connection you specify inaccessible to the internet with a single touch. If you want to disable internet access privately, you need to know that person's ipv4 address. It works well on Gingerbread and Android 4.0 above devices.

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