REHub - Price Comparison, Affiliate Marketing, Multi Vendor Store, Community Theme 7.9.7

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REHub – Hybrid wordpress template with enhanced all in one combination of profitable features. We made many unique Affiliate, Coupon, Directory, Social, SEO, Comparison and multi Store features.
REHub is a modern multipurpose hybrid theme. Theme covers many modern Business models for profitable websites. Each part can be configured and used separately or you can combine them all in one site. We used most actual trends and best unique seo instruments to build advanced wordpress functions which you will not find in other themes. Models are:

  • Social Community with submit option
  • Business Directory with Locators, Custom Search filters and custom specifications
  • Price or product comparison theme with dynamic price updates (with help of Content Egg or bulk import tool)
  • Product comparisons (supported dynamic comparisons for multi category sites)
  • Reviews with extended user reviews and table constructors, top review constructors
  • Highest Conversion pages (versus pages, specification comparison, Offer hub, Top set pages, Price range pages)
  • Multi Vendor shops and simple shops, support for multi vendor per product
  • Deal sites and deal communities
  • Magazines and News sites
best affiliate theme wordpress

Theme has modern clean design which we update according to current design trends. We included 6 child themes, each has new look and better fits for different needs.

Affiliate theme for Amazon

Attention for using nulled versions – you have limited access to theme functions. Only official buyers from Themeforest have access to frontend posting plugin, multivendor, affiliate extension for deal and coupons, specification extensions, Membership optionsand many others useful instruments. Be aware of nulled version as it has javascript backdoor injected in jquery.js file

First on Envato.
Extended combinations of community functions (BuddyPress), multivendor store (WC Vendor, Dokan, WC Marketplace), reputations system (MyCred), Store locator (Geo My Wordpress), paid membership (S2Member), Price comparisons. Create your deal, idea, business, store, review site in one install. Paid plugins is not required in most of cases, looks awesome with free versions. Also, theme includes Frontend plugin with support of paid submission.

Community functions, Buddypress support

price comparison plugin

Bonus Plugins with total value more than 300$ are free for you
Bonus plugins for theme

  • WP Bakery Page Builder
  • Revolution slider with 6 unique layouts
  • Advanced Product Filter plugin
  • MDTF – filters and specifications for posts
  • RH Frontend PRO (frontend submit),
  • RH Buddypress member Types (for advanced Buddypress Member types)
  • RH Link Cloak for hiding and changing offer links. Supports also user submitted links
  • RH Woo Tools (set of unique Tools for Woocommerce)
  • RH Brand logo (automatically assign brand logo for Post images)
  • RH Gif (use animated images for Featured image)
  • WPAI Post addon. Bulk import deals and coupons from xml, csv
  • WPAI CE addon. Bulk import product comparisons in Content Egg plugin
Unique Better Conversion Rate Tools for wordpress
We consulted with best moneymakers and added many instruments to theme for advanced and smart money making. There are many things which you can easily create with theme for top profitable sites

  • “Top of something”
  • Versus pages
  • Attribute (specifications) comparison bars with multigroup support
  • Price range pages, like “best phones under $200”
  • Top rated, popular set of offers
  • Custom Tables, Top lists and Comparison Charts
  • Advanced Search filters and dynamic comparisons
  • Price drop widgets by period
See docs about Profit Helpers

Increase conversion on site
How to improve conversion

We added special schema markups to make special product snippets and even some secret schema for advanced snippets. You can also use Auto Top lists in theme and divide whole post on beautiful parts with Autocontents. You can use also special Score widget with smooth button and special Offer Post Layouts with different design (compact, corner offer, comparison post layout).

Advanced Mobile Wordpress Theme support
Mobile traffic grows a lot nowadays. So, we continue to improve mobile functions and they are in priority for us.

  • All our product and post grid and list have Great Compact Stylish look on mobiles
  • Product Mobile floating panel with button and navigation links
  • Advanced Product Filtering panel
  • Responsive Comparison charts
  • Quick Icon panel in header, compact mobile header layout
  • AMP support for wordpress
  • Google Mobile friendly
  • Mobile theme wordpress

    Multi vendor Wordpress Theme options
    Our theme has advanced integration with two Multi vendor plugins for woocommerce: Dokan, WC Vendor, WC Marketplace. Theme has special unique store profile layout which is also integrated with community functions, like Follow/Unfollow, Friend Adding, reputation system, Private messages

    We also integrated store locator function (based on Geo My wordpress), and Product Locator.

    All product templates are customized to show special vendor info box. And, of course, we made special responsive layouts including compact special navigation for vendor dashboard. Also, you can add additional field to vendor profile while registration. Please, read step by step guide for vendor shop setting

    Another, unique and great function is that you can now make Vendor Price comparison in one product and help users to choose best product
    Multi vendor theme wordpress
    Affiliate wordpress theme functions
    Do you want to create comparison site like pricegrabber or maybe deal/coupon site like groupon? Now you can have absolutely new level of affiliate smart functions. No more copy of external products, we offer much smarter way for affiliate websites which makes your site really useful for users and for search engines

    We researched most profitable methods and added many additional unique instruments like top list builders, top tables, dynamic comparison (including multi group comparison) and many special post templates and layouts.

    We added support for many popular affiliate plugins and also import tool. You can also use theme in combination with Content Egg Pro and Affiliate Egg Pro (CE free is included in theme for start) to have mega powerful functions like on top comparison sites. Check video for 1 minute super functional post and also, check our special step by step guide for best affiliate site on our wordpress theme. We also included special smart Autoblog templates which can help to turn theme to money making auto pilot site. This is not just import like in other products, you can make professional site with Autoblog.
    Affiliate theme wordpress
    comparison prices wordpress theme

    Full support of Content Egg and Affiliate Egg plugins
    Content Egg helps to make your content more valuable for visitors and search engines. With simple clicks adds content from youtube, google images, books, freebase, flickr, twitter, and much more. Also have affiliate modules. Free version has Amazon, CJ coupons, Affili.net Coupons. PRO version – Ebay wordpress module, Zanox wordpress, CJ, Aliexpress, Linkshare, Affili.net, Shareasale, Affiliate WIndow, Tradedoubler, Optimisedmedia, Flipkart, Envato, Udemy, PepperJam, Tradetracker, Impact Radius and more
    Some tips when you work with plugin
    If you need parsers for specific local shops like wiggle.com, Etsy.com, iherb, Banggood, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Home18, Jabong, Myntra, Infibeam, Coolblue and others – I recommend to use Affiliate Egg plugin (not included in theme, ask for discount). Possible to create also custom parsers.
    Please, note, theme doesn’t include Content Egg PRO and Affiliate Egg PRO, but free version is included and has all extended functions, like price alert and price tracker. Difference with PRO is only in number of affiliate modules. Ask discount coupon for PRO version in comments.
    Directory theme options
    You can use your site also as directory theme or Review theme. We added many functions for this and you don’t need paid plugins now, as we added our RH Frontend PRO plugin for frontend submit and WPF plugin for creating custom search filters. There is no limitations for type of data which you can add to each post. Range slider, select, checkbox, number fields.

    We added also some special product layouts and custom code areas with examples, so, you can customize look of post and add advanced blocks. Frontend submit has options to make paid submissions and limited submissions. You can sell submition packs and subscription packs.

    Theme also has advanced integrations for Geo My Wordpress plugin which can help to make any type of Location searcher. Also, we added Table constructor, which can help to build special tables. Of course, Review functions for Editors, special review blocks, user reviews, help or not buttons, criterias, rating sorting, etc

    Directory theme wordpress
    Community theme functions
    All popular websites have community. We added advanced community functions with custom support for Buddypress, MyCred and membership plugin. All functions are in powerful connections with each other like never before. We added seo optimization for Buddypress Profiles and even share options.

    Make business directory from your Buddypress, add blog and products tabs to profile, user can submit anything directly from their profiles. Register page was improved a lot and we also added Member type plugin with support for role synchronization.

    Do you want to create list of user categories? Yes, you can do this now. Do you want easily to add different fields to User member types? You can do this with theme. Do you want to add reputation system? It’s easy (badges, custom point support, rank support). Do you need a forum? Just one click.
    Read our new docs How to make advanced User Driven Community on Wordpress
    Community theme wordpress
    Why Rehub Theme is unique and one of the best theme for moneymaking?
    • Powerfull community functions and extended customizations for Buddypress, Mycred
    • Frontend posting, frontend reviews, including limited submissions or paid submit
    • Customizable filter panel for all post modules
    • Coupon functions (for posts and for woocommerce)
    • 5 different design layouts for woocommerce offers: grids, columns, sliders, carousels, rows
    • Multi vendor extended support. Wc Vendor and Dokan, WC Marketplace are supported. Better functions even for free versions
    • Support for multiple vendors per one product and Price comparison Products
    • Vendor stores locator and product/post map locator, vendor and user filters and categories
    • Membership subscriptions and extended user role restrictions (works with S2Member plugin)
    • Extended Post Layouts
    • Price comparison functions
    • Extended moneymaking functions for earnings on affiliate programs
    • Extended support for Content Egg plugin (works with affiliate systems like Zanox, Linkshare, Affili.net, Ebay, Amazon, CJ, Impact Radius, Shareasale, Affiliate WIndow, Tradedoubler, Optimisedmedia, Flipkart, and others). Easy creating price comparison sites, reviews, monetizing content and more
    • Extended support for Affiliate Egg plugin (works with direct web sites like Etsy.com, wiggle.com, groupon.com, iherb.com, snapdeal, infibeam, shopclues, bestbuy, wallmart and many others). Please, note, AE PRO is not included in bundle
    • Top review list constructor
    • Top tables constructor, top charts constructor, Top sets pages
    • Specification builder, Company profile builder
    • Dynamic button for add to comparisons (supports multigroup for comparisons)
    • Responsive table constructor
    • Catalog constructor
    • Visual composer is bundled with >20 custom content modules
    • Advanced Product FIlter plugin is in bundle. Plugin is useful for creating filter searching and specifications.
    • RH FRontend PRO is bundled with theme. Plugin adds frontend use submissions to your site, possible to add paid submit, woocommerce products are supported in plugin
    • Tons unique shortcodes such as ajax categories archive, reveal buttons, countdowns, pricetables, offer lists, etc
    • Automatic auto contents shortcode, sticky contents
    • User login/register popups and custom author template
    • Extended user review system
    • Hot metter, favorites, post report, like or not scripts
    • RTL support
    • JSON-LD schema
    • Option to use Adsense optimized layout
    • Quick specifications from Icecat
    • Custom badge system
    • Brand archive
    • Printable coupons
    • Custom ajax search
    • Good speed
    • Advanced Mega Menu (supported on mobiles also)
    • All functions are good also on mobiles
    • And much, much more + often updates
    • AMP extended support
    • Special Post Layout optimized for reading according to new trends
    • Product Layout for different purpose, booking, comparison, Extended photo, etc
    • Unique View counter with filter for popular by date
    • Customizer support
    • Special plugin to hide, cloak and bulk change affiliate links
    • Multicurrency Support
    • Advanced rating system for woocommerce
  • ads optimize wordpress

    hybrid content magazine

    Speed optimization
    You can check demo sites on GTMetrix
    Check article in docs – how to get A grade on gtmetrix
    speed optimization
    Post formats
    Slider, audio post, regular post, video post and review post
    review website

    Review block has schema format and can be like post review and product review with offer box and time count (optional). Also each review post has built-in user rating system
    I set up and use more than 50 themes for myself and my clients and I see sometimes that TF authors want to include maximum features to theme, but all these functional load together, but most part of these features are not useful. In REHub theme you can enable\disable everything, from content blocks to shortcodes.

    new affiliate features

    BEFORE PURCHASE – please, check our refund policy https://themeforest.net/item/rehub-...hop-coupon-affiliate-theme/7646339/faqs/30579 and also support policy https://themeforest.net/item/rehub-...hop-coupon-affiliate-theme/7646339/faqs/30954
    NOW IN PROGRESS – cashback functions, new e-commerce demo, new Booking demo and child theme
    multivendor and comparison

    Latest updates
    7.9.7 – 24 FEB 2019
    Update for 5.1 wordpress7.9.6 – 22 FEB 2019
    • Added: option in page builder for fake sold out in woocommerce grids
    • Added: compact grid and review grid for woocommerce carousels
    • Added: Fixes and improvements according to buyer’s requests
  • 7.9.5 – 14 FEB 2019
    Some fixes and update for Visual Composer to 5.7
    7.9.4 – 10 FEB 2019
  • 7.9.3 – 3 FEB 2019
  • 7.9.2 – 25 JAN 2019
  • – 18 JAN 2019
    • Added: Custom area in Floating panel for products (theme option – shop settings) and some fixes for WC marketplace new version
  • 7.9 – 6 JAN 2019
  • V7.8.9 – 31 DEC 2018
    • Added:Full support of Group functions for offers in Content Egg templates
    • Added:Search for Header with One row menu and logo
  • 7.8.8 – 25 DEC 2018
  • V7.8.7 – 17 DEC 2018
    • Added:Visual editor to category description fields and FR localization + fix of review box non visibility
  • V7.8.6 – 12 DEC 2018
  • 7.8.4 – 5 DEC 2018
    • Added: Sorting by expiration date in page builder modules
    • Added: Better UI for woocommerce columned grid
    • Added: Review stars in loop supports also Editor’s score
    • Update: Compatibility with Wordpress 5.0, update for Wp Bakery plugin and Revolution slider
  • 7.8.3 – 29 NOV 2018
  • V7.8.1 – 11 NOV 2018
  • 7.7.3 – 2 NOV 2018
  • 7.7.2 – 25 OCT 2018
  • 7.7 – 13 OCT 2018
    • Added: Option to add labels for icons in Comparison/Shop header layout
    • Added: New Product layout for Directory woocommerce http://rewise.wpsoul.net/product/directory_layout/
    • Added: Mobile floating panel for Products
    • Fix for price alert popup and other improvements
  • – 2 OCTOBER 2018
    • Added: New updated design for Buddypress Profiles (Mails and Activity). Profile sidebar area is enabled now by default
    • Added: Floating product panel is working on mobiles
    • Added:Support for new Stock managment system of Content Egg
    • Update:Fontawesome icons to 5.3.1 and many other small improvements
  • – 1 SEPTEMBER 2018
    • Added:updated design for Deal Store pages with new fields for url, short description, custom heading. Maybe you will need to check your pages and change widgets
    • Update:design for system buttons
    • Fixes: cart issues on mobiles
  • – 22 AUGUST 2018
    • Added: New design style for buttons (rounded buttons). You can enable in theme option – appearance
    • Added:New News List style for News Sites. You can enable it in theme option – general – category layout in Rehub theme or in WP Bakery page builder in News/Directory List Module, in Type option. Previously module has name List with Left Thumbs
    • Added: New redesigned module for Coupons – Deal/Coupon List and Woocommerce Offerbox
  • – 4 AUGUST 2018
  • 7.6.9 – 25 JULY 2018
  • 7.6.7 – 15 JULY 2018
    • Added: Helpful or not buttons in woocommerce reviews
    • Added:Floating CTA panel for Recash compact Post layout (use theme option – shop settings to enable)
    • Added:New search style with category dropdown (works if you have woocommerce and disabled post type option for search in theme option – header and menu option – search option)
    • Update:Out of stock products are not visible in custom modules if you enable this option in woocommerce settings
    • Update:WC Vendor PRO improvements for new map and contact widgets
    • Update:FontAwesome icons 5.1, Visual Composer and many small UI improvement
  • 7.6.6 – 2 JULY 2018
    • Added: New option to add logo and background to top of mobile sliding panel (Theme option – mobile & amp option)
    • Fix: Menu trigger fix for chrome
    • Added:Better support for WOOF plugin
  • 7.6.3 – 20 JUNE 2018
  • 7.6 – 10 JUNE 2018
  • Added: New css grid styles for List module. Please, read if you have customization of List module https://sizamtheme.support-hub.io/articles/rehub-76-major-update
  • Added: Possibility to add social links to header http://rehubdocs.wpsoul.com/docs/rehub-theme/basic-settings/how-to-add-social-icons-to-header/
  • Added: Mycred Hook for Wishlist (author of post can get points when somebody adds his post to wishlist)
  • Added: Option to use Local google fonts http://rehubdocs.wpsoul.com/docs/rehub-theme/how-to/local-google-fonts-for-gdpr/
  • Added: New conditional shortcodes for membership sites https://wpsoul.com/creating-social-...-s2member/#shortcodes-of-theme-for-buddypress
  • Added: New Step By Step Tutorial for User Driven Community sites on Rehub https://wpsoul.com/how-to-make-user-driven-community-with-rehub-theme/
  • Added: RH Cloak plugin now can work with Content Egg and can change affiliate links globaly (including auto changing user links and content links)
  • Added: Customizable header layout (enable button, login section, search, additional menu in header). Use it instead of old way with shortcodes in header
  • Other fixes and improvements
7.5.5 – 27 MAY 2018
  • Added: Privacy Policy link for Register Popup
  • Added: Custom login url support for wishlist
  • Added: Customizer now supports all header options, footer options and Color appearance
  • Added: compatibility for woocommerce latest, WC marketplace, Buddypress, Dokan
V7.5.4 – 19 MAY 2018
  • Added: GDPR ready and Buddypress 3.0 compatibility
V7.5.2 – 12 MAY 2018
  • Added: support for WCMarketplace verify and vacation addon
  • Added: option for products to disable inner links for affiliate products
V7.5.1 – 3 MAY 2018
  • Added: Better support for WC Marketplace Membership addon + some fixes
7.5 – 24 APRIL 2018
  • Added: Top line custom area (Theme options – header – top line)
  • Added: New demo import logic (will work on sites with existed content and users)
  • Added: Background option for fourth footer widget area (theme option – footer)
  • Added: Option to show recent viewed products in all woocommerce modules of page builder
  • Added: Better compatibility with php 7.2
  • Update: MDTF plugin, WPSM Specification plugin
V7.4.1 – 4 APRIL 2018
V7.4 – 28 MARCH 2018
  • Added: New footer area
  • Added: New wishlist shortcodes and wishlist for posts
Important notice https://wpsoul.com/rehub-7-4/V7.3 – 20 MARCH 2018
  • Added: Custom badges for products
  • Added: Support for WC Marketplace 3.0
  • Added: Option to show only in reviews for Rehub: show in posts widget
  • Update: Visual composer and Revolution slider
V7.2 – 23 FEBRUARY 2018
  • Added: Customizer support for basic theme settings
  • Added:Woocommerce 3.3.2 compatibility
  • Added:Woocommerce button support for scorebox
  • Added:Expired offer exclusion option for Top offers
V7.1.9 – 28 JAN 2018
V7.1.8 – 16 JAN 2018
V7.1.7.5 – 15 DEC 2015
  • Added:Option to disable AMP css of theme if you use own plugin
  • Added: Code area for coupon modal window
  • Improvement: Affiliate Egg synchronization extension for Posts
  • Fix:Local attributes in dynamic comparison
  • Update:Expired time will be in end of day (not at beginning as early)
V7.1.7.3 – 27 NOV 2017
  • Added: New custom template for Content Egg Google news block
  • Added: Google News Block to Automatic Product Layouts for Content Egg
  • Added: Lomadee custom templates for Content Egg
  • Added: Auto Content Layouts can use Google Image module for thumbnails when Amazon images are not available
  • Added: CardBox module of page builder now has 2 design (second is compact)
  • Added: New bonus plugin for Link Cloaking for Post offer section
  • Added: ew bonus plugin to hide products with the same SKU (this is when you use bulk import tool for price comparisons)
  • Update: Visual Composer, RS and some other improvements and fixes
V7.1.7 – 18 NOV 2017
  • Added: Sorting option for date of expiration in Post Admin List
  • Added: Options for better control menu style (padding, font size, font weight, etc). After update, check theme option – header and menu – main menu options
  • Added: Plugin for fallback images from Brand logo http://rehubdocs.wpsoul.com/docs/re...-to-use-brand-logo-image-if-no-image-in-post/
  • Added: Product custom code area before footer
  • Update: Visual Composer, RS and some other improvements and fixes
V7.1.6 – 6 NOV 2017
  • Added: New demo recompare.wpsoul.net
V7.1.4 – 2 NOV 2017
  • Added: Countdown in product grid
  • Improvement: Amazon name for corner button in Repick
  • Improvement: Table constructor has option to have 2 custom taxonomies and image size of thumbnails
  • Fix: Custom url for mobile logo button and Function to show Mycred points for Buddypress
  • Added: Option to choose category Ids in filter panel
  • Deprecated: Full width row script as it’s useless now. Use Full width option of Page
V7.1.3 – 26 OCT 2017
V7.1 – 15 OCT 2017
V7.0.4 – 30 AUGUST 2017
V7.0 – 24 AUGUST 2017
Deprecated: Check this list to see deprecated things https://wpsoul.com/rehub-7-update/

V6.9.8 – 19 JULY 2017
  • Added:Option to choose layout for brand taxonomy page
  • Fix: Fix of category box
V6.9.7 – 19 JULY 2017
  • Added:New Extended Full width Product Layout Woocommerce
  • Added: New separate widget area for single products Woocommerce
  • Added:Global code zone areas for Products Woocommerce
V6.9.6 – 15 JULY 2017
  • Added:New option to parse images from external url for RH Frontend PRO
  • Added: New Addon for Wordpress ALL import and Content Egg
  • Added: New design for category card module
  • Added: es_ES localization (not full)
  • Improvements: Many improvements based on buyer’s requests
  • Fix: Decimal point for Autocontent shortcodes
  • Update: VC plugin (Zigzag divider, Hover Flipbox) and Revolution Slider
V6.9.5 – 30 JUN 2017
  • compatibility with woocommerce 3.1
V6.9.4 – 23 JUN 2017
V6.9.3 – 7 JUN 2017
V6.9.2 – 23 MAY 2017
  • Added: New user’s review list shortcode http://rehubdocs.wpsoul.com/docs/re...-user-reviews/list-of-user-reviews-shortcode/
  • Added: Support for custom points for Mycred
  • Added: New template for categories for Recash
  • Added: Option to use price range filter for categories
  • Added: Transparent header option for Page builder page
  • Update: Option to register member type by adding ?membertype=yourmembertype to register link Buddypress
  • Fix: Empty shop pages in dokan in some cases
  • Fix: Map visibility in tabs
V6.9 – 5 APR 2017
  • Added: Product grid carousels
  • Added: Support for Woocommerce 3.0 (zoom for Product image, dynamic carousel on Product page)
  • Added: Extended support for Dokan http://redokan.wpsoul.net
  • Added: Manual review box (to add multiple review boxes in posts)
  • Added: Revolution slider plugin to bundle
  • Update: Many fixes and improvements – 25 MARCH 2017
6.8.6 – 26 FEBRUARY 2017
  • Added: Second description field for category
  • Added: New orderby filters (by discounts)
  • Added: Price range filter for filter panel
  • Added: Auto creating of store pages for Content Egg
  • Added: New Ajaxed templates for MDTF
  • Added: Option for category filter panel
  • Added: New step by step guide for Affiliate Websites https://wpsoul.com/guide-creating-profitable/
6.8.4 – 13 FEBRUARY 2017
6.8.2 – 11 FEBRUARY 2017
6.7 – 27 DECEMBER 2016
  • Added: New Membership functions. Read article https://wpsoul.com/creating-social-business-advanced-membership-site-buddypress-and-s2member/
  • Added: New design for main theme
  • Added: Better support for S2member plugin
  • Added: New RH Buddypress Member Type manager plugin for Buddypress in bundle
  • Added: New shortcodes for Members and Buddypress
  • Added: New design for Buddypress
  • Added: Share Buddypress Profile
  • Added: Seo improvements for Buddypress profiles (including schema and aggregate reviews)
  • Added: Conditional widgets for Buddypress profile, WC Vendor store
  • Added: Better support for S2member plugin
  • Added: Option to add product and posts to BP Profile page. Option to include submit forms in Profile.
  • Added: Option to sync wc vendor role and S2member roles
  • Added: Customized and improved Registration pages for Buddypress
  • Added: Full support of theme modal login with Buddypress and S2member
  • Added: Custom redirects for login modal
  • Added: Better support for S2member plugin
  • Added: Updated RH Grandchild theme to customize child themes (supported also overwriting files from child theme)
  • Added: Full width carousel style for deal carousel
  • Added: New code section in header (for new analytics code)
  • Added: Better support for S2member plugin
  • Added: Updated RH Grandchild theme to customize child themes (supported also overwriting files from child theme)
  • Added: Support for Offer and ImpactRadius modules of Content Egg
  • Improvements: Star rating script was improved, supports now also BP profile
  • Improvements: Full content wrappers were improved to make theme better compatible with other frameworks
  • Improvements: Updated design for Blog and columns modules
  • Improvements: Better brand/taxonomy archive shortcode
  • Improvements: Mobile menu
  • Deprecated: Custom backgrounds for posts due to speed problems and mobile issues with this function. But this function works for global settings

Important!!!: You can have some problems while update. So, we included previous version in bundle. Read https://wpsoul.com/rehub-6-7-update/Credits
  • Photos of gadgets and devices that you can see in preview pictures – are not available in sources. But you can download them here
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