PHP Website and Domains Marketplace -Earn money by launching your own website for the sale of domains (similar to English Flippa, Sedo). Sit comfortably at your desk and watch the profit by charging for the ad. All on autopilot. Supports PayPal and Stripe payment systems (just enter your billing email address or API keys).
  • Basic details: fill in listing type (website/domain), listing title and auction pricing (starting, reserver and BIN price)
  • Description: a long textarea to enter the listing description.
  • Age: set estabilished website/domain date.
  • Revenue: monetization methods, last three months earnings average and revenue description textarea
  • Traffic: last three months visits/views average and traffic description textarea
  • Uniqueness: is content/design unique or not.
  • Payment Methods: which payment methods are accepted by the seller for closing the deal.
  • Tags: niche, type (forum, blog, etc.), implementation (custom, php, wp, etc.)
  • Ownership: verification via file upload of website/domain ownership
  • Attachments: add image (png/jpg) proofs of income, traffic, etc)
Apache with mod_rewrite enabled, php 5.3+ and mysql. Full domain or subdomain, no subfolders.
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