Master In JavaScript: Learn JS, JQuery, Angular 8, NodeJS

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Learn to program from scratch and web development with JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, TypeScript, Angular, Node, MEAN, +30 hours

What you'll learn

  • Learn to program from scratch
  • Master JavaScript
  • Dominate jQuery
  • Learn TypeScript
  • Dominate Angular
  • Learn object-oriented programming in JavaScript
  • Learn NodeJS
  • Meet the MEAN Stack
  • Website layout
  • Front and back end development
  • From scratch to advanced in JavaScript
  • Strengthen knowledge of JavaScript and good practices
  • Develop web applications with the MEAN Stack
  • Develop RESTful services and APIs with NodeJS, Express and MongoDB
  • Develop web applications SPA
  • Increase job opportunities as a developer
  • Improve the ability to adapt to other JavaScript frameworks
  • Create modern web applications with JavaScript and Angular
  • Notions in databases with MongoDB
  • Increase your work possibilities a lot
  • And much more!
  • Basic HTML
  • Know how to use an operating system
Welcome to the Master in JavaScript, in which we will learn everything necessary to master the most popular programming language that currently exists and all the technologies around it with more labor demand and more future projection.
This is not an ordinary course, you are facing a complete master's degree in which we will learn:

  • Programming from scratch and step by step, without having previous knowledge.
  • JavaScript, the most popular programming language today.
  • jQuery , the most popular and used JavaScript library.
  • Web layout , creating several web projects.
  • TypeScript , the Microsoft superset that levels up to JavaScript.
  • OOP , Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript.
  • Angular , the framework for standard JavaScript to develop SPA web applications, dynamic, modern and scalable.
  • NodeJS, technology that allows us to make back-end developments using only JavaScript
  • ExpressJS , RESTful API development framework.
  • MongoDB , the leading NoSQL database.
  • MEAN Stack , complete web development with the most powerful stack.
  • Full-stack skills, doing hundreds of exercises and several projects.
If you want to be a front-end, back-end or full-stack developer, or even if you already work in web development, learning to work with these technologies and frameworks is very important.
The learning methodology is ideal:

  • Everything explained from scratch and step by step.
  • Tens of hours of content in video classes.
  • Hundreds of practices and exercises.
  • More than 230 well explained classes.
  • Several projects putting into practice everything learned.
  • Logical and progressive order, designed to internalize all knowledge whether you know how to program or not.
  • I will also be helping you when you have any questions or problems.
At the end of the course:
  • You will know how to program and you will have knowledge to apply them to any programming language
  • You will master JavaScript and its most important frameworks (mentioned above) to develop projects or apply them to existing projects.
During the more than 30 hours of the course you will see how to develop several websites and we will do hundreds of exercises with everything we teach.
We will deal with all the issues step by step and little by little until we get a good level in Programming, JavaScript, jQuery, TypeScript, Angular, NodeJS, MEAN Stack, etc.

To take full advantage of the course, we recommend you have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, even so within the course we will review HTML and make several websites to crush these concepts.
In addition to all this, in the courses of Victor Robles you will get support, support and help very quickly so that you can achieve your goals and solve your doubts.
If you want to learn modern full-stack development with JavaScript without pain, gradually practicing with the most current technologies and frameworks, leveling up in web development and increasing your job opportunities. This is your MASTER!

Check out the course program to see all the topics you will learn.
Join the course and level up: Be a Master in JavaScript!
This course is compatible with Angular 5, Angular 6, Angular 7 and Angular 8.

Who this course is for:
  • Programmers
  • Web developers
  • Computer students
  • Engineering students or training cycles
  • Interested in JavaScript and jQuery
  • Interested in TypeScript and Angular
  • Interested in NodeJS and MongoDB
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