Granular Administrator Permissions 1.1.1

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Granular Administrator Permissions 1.1.1

This adds over a dozen new administrator permissions:

  1. Manage thread reply bans
  2. Manage custom thread fields
  3. Batch threads capability
  4. Delete server error logs
  5. View admin logs
  6. Tool access
  7. Manage connected account providers
  8. Import/Export users
  9. Manage member statistics widgets
  10. Manage moderators (Somewhat incomplete at the moment)
  11. Manage supermoderators
  12. Manage user title ladder
  13. Manage user group promotions
  14. Batch user processing
  15. Email users (Requires batch processing, but users without it can still prepare these)
  16. Mass Alert or Message users (Requires batch processing, but users without it can still prepare these).
  17. Manage Individual User Permissions
This covers just about everything you could want to separate truly disruptive abilities from other general admin permissions, save for dev functions. Which you shouldn't have on in a production environment.

Note that this won't be very compatible with other addons trying to do the same thing, just in case someone does.
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