Full Website Design Course: HTML5, CSS3 And JS + 5 Projects

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Webdesign / Front-end Fundamentals. Learn TRUE HTML and CSS (basic to advanced) and start Javascript. 100% practical

What you will learn

  • They can build any kind of static site, be it your own portfolio, your personal website or your company presentation on the internet
  • Create real responsive sites
  • Create complex layouts with flexbox and CSS grid
  • Create super interesting effects with CSS3
  • No previous knowledge. The course is geared towards beginners
In this course you will learn and develop your skills with HTML and CSS , as well as having a good foundation of the Javascript programming language .
You'll see advanced HTML concepts, including semantics and an introduction to SEO (search engine optimization) and accessibility .

As for CSS, you will see in detail all the properties necessary to create page layouts and web sites. We will also develop a responsive design , that is, that works well on all devices, mobiles, tablets and desktop.
It will take the first steps with Javascript and discover the power of this language, which is currently the most used among web developers.

Who this course is for:
  • All people who want to join the area of web design and / or front end.
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