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Did you ever dream to get a viral app fully integrated to the Facebook experience? You’ve got it. With this app you can let you users connect with their Facebook account before being able to access a reserved content (video, article, download link…).

But that’s only one part of this app can do, here are the most awesome and marketing oriented list of features…

  • Facebook Connect to Unlock a Page
  • Ability to force users to share a message on Facebook before unlocking the page
  • Ability to redirect to a custom page after connecting
  • Customize the link and image posted with the shared message
  • Get and store your visitors email in your database
  • Ability to send emails to your users
  • Automatically send a defined email to your users when they first connect
  • Support of gmail emails (sending emails using your gmail account)
  • Preview any user data stored in the database (email, name, connection date etc
  • Ability to export your users data to a CSV file
  • Ability to delete the users from the backend interface
  • Ability to send private Facebook messages to your users
  • Customize the content reserved for connected users
  • Mailchimp integration to get new subscribers when users connect the first time
  • Graphical reports in the admin to track visitors, visits, Facebook shares
  • Tracking of visitors coming from Facebook shared messages
  • Based on the Bootstrap framework (Responsive Design)
  • No need for any permission approval from Facebook

This app can get you more traffic, features a proven way to get your real users email, and can be a base for your promotional and marketing projects.

21 May 2018 – v2.8.1
  • Updated to the latest Facebook API 3.0
  • Fixed a bug with the page doesn’t reload after a sharing a message
27 Oct 2017 – v2.8
  • Major update to make this app more powerful than ever – Please note that there is a new tables structure and need to run the new dump file to create the new tables.
  • Some of the new changes: Graphical reports, tracking of shares made, tracking of visitors coming from Facebook shares, cleaner admin interface, support for gmail emails for sending emails, Facebook send dialogs, ability to redirect to a custom page after connecting…
12 Mar 2016 – v2.7.2
- Fixed a difference between the tables names created with the dump.sql file, and the one setup by default in the config file, that was causing the app not to find the created tables
5 Jan 2016 – v2.6
- Fixed a bug in unlocking the page content when a user clicks on the share dialog close button
5 Oct 2015 – v2.5
- Fixed a bug with some apps not able to get the users’s email address
13 Sept 2015 – v2.4
- Fixed a bug with the dump file missing tables index creation and auto increments
17 August 2015 – v2.3
- Fixed the bug with the ”@” sign unexpected error
9 August 2015 – v2.2 – Major update
  • Updated to the latest Facebook API v2.4
  • Removed the programmatic posting on users wall (not allowed by Facebook anymore)
  • Ability to force the users to share a message on Facebook before unlocking the page
  • Ability to customize the link and picture attached to the shared messages
  • Added Mailchimp support that can be activated from the admin interface
  • Added the ability to define a background image
  • Added the {fb_share} shortcode that can be used in the locked content display
  • Added the line breaks detection to have the emails sent look like the one you typed
  • Ability to send private messages to your users from the admin interface
  • Now based on the latest Bootstrap framework v3.3.5
31 May 2014
- Fixed a bug preventing the user to be added to the database after he has connected
26 May 2014
- Updated to the latest Facebook API v2.0
12 Nov 2013
- Added an import feature in the backend enabling to import Facebook users data coming from our Facebook Connect WordPress plugin and being able to centralize the users data into one single database
13 May 2013
- Updated the Facebook connect feature with a more powerful source code
7 Dec 2012
- Fix a small issue causing the unlocked content not appearing until the page was refreshed
26 Oct 2012
  • Added a verification to make sure the users authorize the app to get their email address and to be able to publish on their wall before unlocking the content.
  • Fixed an issue with the destination user name in the sent emails
  • Code improvements and updated the Facebook API library.
12 June 2012
- Updated the app with the latest Facebook API changes and code improvements.
18 Dec 2011
- Added a pagination system on users list page to improve the load with bigger tables + ability to define the number of users per page from the config file.Important notes
For existing buyers, make sure you visit this FAQ page and execute the required steps to keep your app running in good conditions !
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