Building Websites Create A Fully Functional Web Contact Form

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Step by step guide on how to create a submit-able web form scratch using HTML CSS jQuery Bootstrap and PHP

What you’ll learn

  • create a web contact form
  • understand how to add security checks to forms
  • be able to send emails from a form to an address
  • use jQuery to check fields in form
  • validate form content on submission with PHP and jQuery
  • basics of HTML CSS jQuery and PHP
  • computer access
Web forms are a crucial communication format between your website visitors and you. This course will show you how to build one from scratch! Create a fully functional dynamic web contact form that can be used on any website to collect messages from visitors. Lets your web visitors send you email messages. This form comes complete with several layers of security checks to ensure spam and unwanted emails are not valid.
Form is HTML5 so depending on the input type HTML5 will check for validity.

Security question that get dynamically generated and needs to be filled out correctly before the form contents get sent to your email address
jQuery layer of form field input checks, to ensure all fields have values

PHP back end form Post checks, to ensure all fields have correct content and data can be sent to a selected email address. Also stores values on error so that the visitors don’t have to re-enter the values.
Step by step training introducing all the core concepts and development steps to produce a web contact form. Source code is included so that you can follow along and try it out for yourself.
The course covers multiple approaches to form development, and the code is flexible enough to be updated and used for a more specific projects.

  • HTML – used to setup the form structure
  • CSS – used at a basic level to create limited styling
  • Bootstrap – used to help style the form container
  • jQuery – selecting elements, and looping values
  • PHP – used to collect posted values, set variables, and send mail function.
See how all these languages can work together to create a complete project
This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about setting up a contact form on a website. Everything is included, from an instructor with over 18 years of web development experience.
I’m ready to answer any questions you may have, and here to help you learn about web development.

Who this course is for:
  • web developers and designers
  • anyone who wants to create dynamic content online
  • anyone who needs to add a web form to their website
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