Antidetect 7.5 crack 2021-06-27

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Antidetect Browser 7.5 Features:

-Browser fingerprint bypass
-Audio Fingerprint spoofer. A real browsers audio fingerprints was grabbed and added to antidetect, so you can now spoof audio fingerprint better than ever!
-Added ability to manual edit WebGL Vendor & Renderer for more sensitive tuning. A list of values will be changed according to chosen config (profile), values in the list are grabbed from real browsers.
-Finally we support WebGL2. WebGL2 will be enabled if your config (profile) is grabbed from browser, which is support webgl2 technology (for example, IOS have no webgl2 enabled). Also, this function works if your system have it onboard, virtual machines usually have no such function.
-Now we have Cookies import (JSON & Netscape).
-Antidetect extension now have a notepad, 1 browser – 1 notepad, files are stored only with browser and nowhere more, be 100% secure.
-Recoded WebGL, Canvas, WebRTC for faster work.

Linken Sphere Intelligent Browser Features:

- The system of the server part has been reworked, the transition from the WSS server to the TCP server has been implemented.
- The developer of his own secure data transfer protocol. A new mechanism for data transfer on the RSA algorithm is in the browser in a private key, which is encrypted with individually encoded data. AES encryption tied to your account has been saved, we have abandoned the standard SSL certificates in favor of our own. This is done in order to be able to use their own certificates to transfer data to the server. In the next versions, work with this mechanism will become public.
- Improved multi-threading on the transmission servers themselves
- Improved routing, henceforth traffic is redistributed taking into account incoming connections. Thus, the minimum route to the key server is selected
- Added a number of protection against possible network attacks
- Redesigned mechanism for receiving data from the server, significantly increased performance
- 64-core main server with maximum configuration is upgraded to improve work under heavy loads
- Migration to updated equipment

Uses for Carding/Affiliate Marketing Success:

-100% Bypass Payment Gateway Security
-100% Anonymity
-Auto User Agent + Config Emulating + Screen Resolution
-Geo Location Spoofing
- Many More

Can use it Unlimited without any issue.

Enjoy :
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