Alter Ego Detector 1.7.6

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For a XenForo 2.x compatible replacement; see Signup abuse detection and blocking

Presenting, the Alter Ego detector originally @Liam W, now maintained by @Xon.

This AE detector uses a cookie to detect multiple accounts. The cookie lasts for either an admin configurable time (default 24 months), or until the user clears their cookies.

You can have a AE detection notify your staff by any combination of the following:
a PC
a new thread
A report
The check is performed during the login process, and the user won't even notice anything is different if they're using an AE.

New Permissions (under General Moderator Permissions):
Bypass Alert Ego Checking
View Alert Ego Report
Please ensure you assign the "View Alert Ego Report" to your moderator/administrator groups so they can see the Alter Ego Reports.
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