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    AC Autodesk Premium Accounts

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    AC Trendyol Premium Accounts

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    AC Tubi TV Premium Accounts

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    AC Cold Stone Creamery Accounts with Points, Rewards

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    AC SurfEasy VPN Premium Accounts

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    AC BuffaloWildWings Premium Accounts with Points Free Food

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    Leak AWAE/OSWE 2019 Offensive Security

    Download Link: Its good course for secure code review and exploit creation for web app Download Link: Hidden content
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    How To Get Free Credit Card Using Havij Note : This post is only for Educational Purpose. Requirements 1. Havij 1.16 Pro 3. SQLi-DB 4. Carding Dorks 5. Vulnerable Sites Let’s divide this tutorial into two part first to find vulnerable sites and second to get data...
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    Leak ZDResearch – Advanced Web Hacking

    Course Curriculum: 1.Advanced SQL Injection 2.Other Injection Attacks 3.XSS Attacks 4.CSRF Attacks 5.HTML5 Attacks 6.Session Management Attacks 7.Web Service Attacks 8.Authentication & Authorization Attacks 9.Other Attacks Price: $1,999.99 Size: 2.5 GB Download Link: Hidden content
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    Leak ZDResearch – Reverse Engineering

    Topics: ▪️1.Introduction ▪️2.Legal Software Protection ▪️3.Reversing Protected Binaries ▪️4.Reverse Engineering Non-Binary Files ▪️5.Elementary Malware Analysis 💲Price: $999.99 Download Link: Hidden content
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    Leak ZDResearch – Advanced SQL Injection

    Topics: ▪️1.Introduction ▪️2.SQL Injection Techniques ▪️3.Advanced SQL Injection 💲Prize: $199.99 Download Link: Hidden content
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    Leak ZDResearch – Exploit Development

    Topics: ▪️1.Introduction ▪️2.Stack Exploitation ▪️3.Heap Exploitation ▪️4.Pointer Exploitation ▪️5.Protection Bypass ▪️6.Privilege Escalation 💲Price: $1,099.99 Download Link: Hidden content
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    TUT Hacking Exposed Web 2.0 | Security Secrets & Solutions

    Who would have thought that advertising, music, and software as a service would have been a few of the driving forces to bring back the popularity of the Internet? From the downfall of the dot-com to the success of Google Ads, from Napster’s demise to Apple’s comeback with iTunes, and from the...
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    Leak LookAtHerNow Melody Foxx

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    Leak NubileFilms Alyssa Bounty Lady D Here For The Party

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